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A wood finished computer work desk made in the BSI furniture shop.
An assortment of colored thread used in the BSI textiles shop.
A Trail Crossing sign made in the BSI sign shop.
A glass of milk next to two carafts of milk produced by the BSI Dairy Farm.
The industrial washing machines used by BSI Laundry.

Textiles & Embroidery

The textile industry produces items used primarily by state institutions, state agencies and local jails. Among the products produced are detention clothing, foam-core mattresses, pillows, linens and towels. Embroidery and heat transfer services are also offered. This full service shop can personalize clothing and other items and digitize your logo. They have an easy ordering process and can ship directly to your location. All items have a thirty (30) day lead time, shorter lead times can be accommodated.

Contact Information for Textiles & Embroidery:

For embroidery, heat transfer and any orders please email:

For institution orders, such as inmate clothes, mattresses, pillows and linens please Call: 920-436-3117 or 920-436-3118

Rhonda Strassburg
Textiles/ Embroidery Supervisor
Office: 920-436-3318