Badger State Industries offers a wide variety of interior and exterior signs as well as plaques, names plates, badges and interpretive signs and frames.

Badger State Industries has a knowledgeable sales staff to handle all your customer service needs.

Sign Fabrication

Metal and plastic (polyply and acrylic) signs are produced in the sign shop located at the Stanley Correctional Institution. Traffic, street, trail, architectural and informational signs are among those produced. Engraved informational signs, name badges and personal nameplates are made here as well. Modern materials and sign making equipment, layout, photography and silkscreen (reverse and direct) methods are used. New signage is also produced. Painted surface, heat activated and pressure sensitive reflective sheeting materials are utilized in the production of signs. Signs are fabricated in various sizes, shapes and colors.


Hydrostripping is a revolutionary method of removing all grades of reflective sheeting from signs of all shapes and sizes by utilizing ultra-high pressure waterjet technology. This environmentally friendly system does not use chemicals or sanding belts, nor does it produce any hazardous waste. In addition, hydrostripping does not harm the corrosion-resistant coatings that have previously been applied to the sign blank. The refurbished sign blanks are ready for re-facing and produce extensive savings over the cost of buying new aluminum. Hydrostripping is endorsed and certified by all of the major reflective sheeting manufacturers.

Highway Signs

This is done at our Jackson location. We offer hundreds of different highway and traffic signs. Each sign is screened on high intensity prismatic sheeting and is available in new or hydrostripped aluminum. We have snowmobile and ATV signs for every trail in a variety of substrates.


Adopt-A-Highway signs can be seen on many Wisconsin roadways. These seven color signs are screened on high intensity prismatic sheeting on top of aluminum.

There are two additional sign shops at Jackson and New Lisbon. These shops produce street and highway signage using recycled signs. The Jackson shop began production of traffic and safety signs at the end of FY 2008.

For more information, please contact:

David Schuster (DOT Signs, Hydrostripping, Traffic Signs)
Office: 715-284-4550 (ext. 7909)

Interior / Exterior Signage

From name plates and badges to interior/exterior signage for universities, our sign shop and sales team can accommodate your needs. Signage options include lock signs, dimensional, identification, way-finding and services.


Our bronze plaques stand the test of time -- they last virtually forever! Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and finishes utilizing logos, artwork or pictures. Our plaques are vandal resistant and can be repaired and refurbished to factory new appearance. Timeless and elegant, bronze plaques provide an image of prestige and performance.

Exterior Signage

Exterior signage includes post and panel signs. Easily identify your business with a customized post and panel sign. We also provide monument signage with LED capabilities. Use an LED display to turn a simple sign into a landmark. Various building signage can show your agency brand on every facility on your campus.

Fire Prevention

The Smokey the Bear Kit comes with everything you need to help prevent wildfires. Smokey the Bear is ink jetted on high intensity sheeting and is 72" tall. The sign kit comes with all the signs shown above (wood is not included). The window sign comes with 5 danger levels: Extreme, Very High, High, Moderate and Low. The kit also comes with a steel box to store your signs. This is an all-in-one kit to create your Smokey the Bear Prevention Sign. Badger State Industries also offers Farm Fire Control Signs. These signs are available in aluminum in two different sizes: 17x6 and 8x24.

Park and Recreational

Park and Recreational symbol signs are aluminum substrate with engineer grade reflective sheeting. The standard color for park and recreational signs is brown. Optional colors are red, green or blue. The not allowed symbol is available in black on white with a red "not allowed" symbol.

There are six different types of recreational symbols:

  • Facility
  • Accommodations
  • Water Recreation
  • Land Recreation
  • Winter Recreation
  • General Recreation

Street Name Signs

  • High grade aluminum substrate (base material)
  • Top quality engineer grade reflective sheeting is standard
  • Standard colors are black, non-reflective letters on white reflective background and white reflective letters on a green reflective background; other color combinations also available for an additional charge
  • Logos can be added to street name signs
  • Easy-to-read uppercase letters are standard
  • Choice of flat .080 aluminum or heavier duty aluminum extrusion
  • Sign length determined by shop based on length of street name
  • High intensity sheeting upgrade available on flat blade signs only
  • Mounting hardware, posts and individual sign blanks can be purchased separately

Badger State Industries can customize any sign to meet your needs. We offer a wide variety of materials such as aluminum, PVC, masonite and more. We can use custom artwork created by you, or our design staff can create designs specifically for you.

Interpretive Signs and Frames

Your high quality camera ready artwork is output on vinyl, then laminated between .020 Lexan and an aluminum or PVCA backing (aluminum backing is .080 aluminum PVCA backing in customer choice of .125'' or .25'' PVCA) with high pressure rollers. These signs, designed for outdoor use, are UV resistant, vandal resistant, non-reflective and are excellent for detailed, high quality artwork. For indoor use, medium protection, 2 mils thick film over laminate is applied instead of Lexan. Laminated signs are standard with square corners and without mounting holes.

Other offerings include:

  • Polycarbonate Over Laminate: Your artwork is output on vinyl, then laminated between a polycarbonate over laminate and an aluminum backer. The aluminum backing is .080 aluminum or PVCA.
  • High Pressure Laminate: It is green to the core. Environmentally friendly process and products . Recycled paper content. Water-based inks.

Frames include choices of wood, aluminum post, cantilever frames and pedestal frames.

For more information please contact:

John Stolen
Outside Sales Representative for the State of Wisconsin
Office: 608-240-5207
Cell: 608-219-9621

Megan Rodriguez
Inside Sales Representative
Office: 608-240-5257

How to Order

Purchase orders must be signed by a person delegated that authority and acting as an authorized representative for the organization. Purchase orders must be mailed, faxed or sent electronically to:

Badger State Industries
3099 East Washington Ave.
P.O. Box 8990
Madison, WI 53708-8990
FAX: 608-240-3321

Please include all of the following information: Purchase order number, billing and shipping addresses, delivery requirements including contact persons, contact persons' phone numbers and product numbers with descriptions including color or finish selections when appropriate.

Do not send check or remittance with the order.

BSI does accept fax orders as a service to our customers. If a confirming order is sent to BSI, the order must be marked "Confirming Order." BSI will not be held responsible for duplication of orders caused by unmarked hard copy, confirming orders or orders sent via fax more than once.

Orders can also be placed through your designated salesperson. Email authorization will be required to place any order. A purchase order or purchase card can be used.

For more information please contact:

John Stolen
Outside Sales Representative for the State of Wisconsin
Office: 608-240-5207
Cell: 608-219-9621

Megan Rodriguez
Inside Sales Representative
Office: 608-240-5257