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A wood finished computer work desk made in the BSI furniture shop.
An assortment of colored thread used in the BSI textiles shop.
A Trail Crossing sign made in the BSI sign shop.
A glass of milk next to two carafts of milk produced by the BSI Dairy Farm.
The industrial washing machines used by BSI Laundry.


Badger State Logistics

Badger State Logistics (BSL) is comprised of the Industries Distribution Center (IDC) in Waupun and the commodities warehouse, also located in Waupun. IDC is the central hub of transportation and storage for BSI, while the commodities warehouse is the central distribution point for products (toilet paper, can liners, etc.) sold to state agencies and other governmental units.

Badger State Logistics is proud to offer a wide variety of supplies to institutions, universities and non-profits. Check out our wide variety of products and delivery options.

BSL Delivery Options

2019 Delivery Schedule

2020 Delivery Schedule

" Please place orders 3 working days prior to the scheduled delivery date."

Delivery and catalog questions contact: 920-324-2691
Please place orders by fax or e-mail.
Fax: 920-324-9071

Delivery Locations

The locations are listed first in alphabetical order. The corresponding route is indicated to its right.