Oxford Shoe


Oxford Shoe

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Oxford Shoe




Design – This footwear is designed for correctional facilities. Sole performance features include a durable design with oil, abrasion and slip resisting characteristics.

Construction – Process 82 construction with vulcanized rubber outsole.

Upper Fitting – All upper fitting is 8-10 stitches per inch, B69 nylon thread single and double needle. This allows for a more durable construction.

Leather - Upper Leather: Nutty Brown Yukon leather.

Lining – Durable Comfort weave to wick away moisture for drier, cooler, and healthier feet.

Shank – Tru-fit fiberglass, durable, cold and rust resisting and contoured to the insole for a complete support system.

Footbed – 4000 bone poron

Insole – Cork insole w/insert 3.5m

Outsole – Cream Carmel process 82 rubber compound

Counter – Thermo formed counter providing greater heel stability and comfort.

Use and Care

Do not use the footwear if the leather is damaged or the sole shows significant wear.

If footwear has been exposed to dirt or contaminants, clean immediately with a damp cloth with mild soap. Always clean before treating.

Treat the leather with a quality footwear silicone product on a regular schedule. This will help preserve the leather. Use a quality cream polish for shine.

Allow footwear to dry slowly at room temperature only, never by a heat source.

Keep the insides of footwear dry and clean with powders and disinfectant sprays.

Consider a second pair. This allows one to dry out thoroughly while the other pair is being worn.